Simplify Your Tax Compliance and E-Invoicing with VITA’s Innovative Tax Automation Solution

Built by Tax Experts for Business Owners, CFO’s and CPA’s to simplify tax compliance.

Are you ready to take your tax compliance to the next level?

VITA’s all-in-one software solution automates and simplifies tax compliance, so you can focus on what really matters – your business.

News and Press Release

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Thrilled to announce ZATCA Phase 2 Integration

We are thrilled to share that we have completed ZATCA Wave 2 E-Invoicing Integrations…

Guidelines on transactions with Related Parties for Zakat 

The General Authority for Zakat and Tax (ZATCA) has issue guidelines on the zakat… 

New income tax legislations

Amidst the recent amendments and proposed changes on the current tax and …

Extended  Tax Amnesty up to 30 June 2024

On 29 December 2023, the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) announced…

Key Features

Phase II E-Invoicing

Automated Tax Returns

Dashboards & Reports

Seamless ERP Integration

Data Security As Per KSA

Key Features

Phase II E-Invoicing Compliance

ZATCA accredited tax solutions for enterprises ranging from micro to large conglomerates. Generate E-Invoice documents for Sales, Credit Note and Debit Note transactions with ease.

100% ZATCA compliant with Phase I & Phase II requirements.

Key Features

Automated Tax Returns

VITA meticulously analyzes data to generate precise VAT / WHT / Corporate Tax/ Zakat reports, ensuring accurate returns and compliance, all without the complexity of intricate details.

Streamline tax audits efficiently, saving time and resources.

Key Features

Insightful Dashboard & Reports

Incisive & Insightful Dashboards to provide Business Owners / CFOs / CPA for visibility on compliance tax liability, leakages due to unclaimable input benefits, overview of other critical business indicators on a virtual basis.

Provides flexibility to custom define variety of reports, in addition to the standard reports.

Key Features

Seamless ERP Integration

Easy integration with your existing ERP / POS software through API, CSV or 3rd party integration for all E-Invoice transactions.

Convert your current invoice format/structure into ZATCA compliant E-Invoice documents with ease.

An end-to-end solution offers a single ERP add-on that handles all Phase II requirements and integrates with ZATCA backend system.

Key Features

Tax Compliance and Data Security as per KSA

With embedded intelligence in the system, tax compliance, data residency and data security objectives of KSA are addressed.

Internal data controls offer freedom to decide on the level and complexity of validations to suit the business operations.


Built by Tax Experts for Business Owners, CFO’s and CPA’s to simplify tax compliance.

VITA suite has been developed by leading industry tax professionals to offer a comprehensive integrated intelligent tax compliance solution.

Tech-Enabled Compliance

VITA utilizes A.I to ensure tax rule compliance, reducing errors and chances of penalities.

Enhanced Audit Efficiency

Simplifies tax authority audit procedures, ensuring audit compliance.

Business Focus on Operations

Reduces resources spent on compliance tasks, allowing businesses to focus on operations.

Cost-Effective Compliance

VITA makes tax adherence cost-effective, saving time and money for businesses.

Our Prominent Credentials

Client Centric Approach: We listen, understand unique business needs and tailor our tax technology solutions for client success.