Contract Information Filing

VITA helps simplify the compliance process for businesses in Saudi Arabia, enabling easily filing of contract information and amendments on the ZATCA’s ERAD portal in accordance with Article 61(c) of the Income Tax Law and Article 58(2) of the tax bylaws.

Taxpayers in Saudi Arabia are required to provide information related to contracts worth SAR100,000 or more within three months from the date of signing or amending the contract. Failure to report contracts can result in joint liability for any tax claims arising from the contract. The Saudi tax authority now requires electronic filing of contract information through their ERAD portal.

VITA automated services streamline the process by pulling information directly from the contracting department and uploading the necessary contract information form on the ZATCA portal. This ensures compliance with tax authority regulations and mitigates the risk of assuming tax/zakat liability of the counter-party.

  • VITA automates the process of submitting contract information and amendments
  • Payment schedules can be uploaded through VITA’s electronic services
  • Contract owners and contractors are jointly liable for tax claims arising from unreported contracts
  • VITA’s services ensure compliance and reduce the risk of assuming tax/zakat liability