Corporate Income Tax

Streamline and automate your Corporate Tax and Zakat Compliance in KSA.

Foreign investors in KSA are required to pay corporate tax on their profits, at a rate of 20%, while KSA and GCC citizens must pay Zakat on their annual working capital, with a rate of 2.5%. VITA simplifies the computation process for both, ensuring full compliance with the relevant KSA tax laws. By automating the ZAKAT/ Corporate Tax Return, VITA enables businesses to compute their tax liability accurately and efficiently, with the ability to generate their own Corporate Income Tax Return & ZAKAT Base Tax, along with all applicable schedules.

Upload your Chart of Accounts & Trial Balance, as per specifications.

  • Provide additional inputs, as per specifications to the schedules forming part of Tax return.
  • Generate your own Corporate Income Tax Return & ZAKAT Base Tax, with all applicable schedules, fully automated.